Services                                         Cost
Launder Blanket
$ 24.00
Launder Turn Out Sheet
$ 18.00
Launder Sheet/Fly Sheet/Cooler/Liner $ 14.00
Launder Hood
$ 10.00
Launder Saddle Pad/Bareback Pad
$ 8.00
Launder Other
Waterproofing (Blanket or Sheet)
$ 20.00
* Repair
* All items needing repair must be laundered first
   Note: Print out "Item Tag" and attach to your laundry bag

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Items are laundered with one of the following, depending on the fabric and the manufacturers instructions:

Saddler’s Blanket Wash:

Cleans blankets, sheets, and any washable equine product. Biodegradable and Earth friendly.

Rambo Wash:

An environmentally friendly, phosphate free product for use on synthetic fabrics. This mild wash will quickly and effectively remove dirt and grime while not reducing the waterproofing of the blanket.

Nikwax Tech Wash and Rug Wash:

An effective non-detergent soap that maintains the fabric’s water-repellency. Water-repellent finishes last twice as long on garments washed in Tech Wash or Rug Wash as those using detergent. Clean items with Tech Wash or Rug Wash before treating with Nikwax waterproofing for subsequent cleaning.


Nikwax Canvas and Synthetic Rug Proof have a concentrated water-based emulsion of TX-10 polymers specifically formulated for horse blankets. Both Nikwax Canvas Rug Proof and Synthetic Rug Proof add water-repellency to horse blankets thus protecting your investment and your horse. They maintain the strength and durability of the blankets in wet conditions.

Nikwax Canvas Rug Proof:

Is used for waterproofing and re-waterproofing all cotton, canvas, and natural fiber horse blankets.

Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof:

Is used for waterproofing and re-waterproofing all synthetic horse blankets, including Gore-Tex and Polartec.

Repairs and Replacement Parts:

All repairs are made with great attention to detail. Every effort is made to match fabric and thread. Replacement parts, fabrics, and threads are made for horse blankets and sheets, from Jack’s Manufacturing.

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